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DTL's HIFU project development program in Romania continued with the start of de-gassed water production  by DTL Medical. This type of water is essential for HIFU treatment, it being the only type of water allowing both cooling of malignant tissue destroyed during the process, transmission of focusing cone of ultrasound and real time visualization of the gland.

This premiere provides for a substantial reduction of the scheduling of patients in Romania and Bulgaria. On the 5th and 6th February 2010, at St. Mary's Hospital in Bucharest, 4 HIFU procedures were performed by Dr. Valentin Ambert with application support specialists Victor Griffin and Dr. Aurel Ioviţu. Please also note that starting with the month of April all HIFU interventions  will take place in the most modern operating theatre for non-invasive urologic interventions in Romania opened by St. Mary's Hospital in Bucharest.

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HIFU stands for high intensity focused ultrasound procedure and is a way where locally applied heat destroys cancerous prostate tissues. Depending on the level of energy used, can reach temperatures up to 70-90 degrees Celsius, (pulses of 3 seconds), enough to burn cancerous tissue without affecting adjacent tissue. The procedure takes on average 2-3 hours and is repeatable, if necessary, every six months.


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Newest software now also in the Balkans!

DTL Medical continues working on improving conditions for its patients with localized prostate cancer. With logistical support from the PRIMA MEDICAL Center for Imaging in Craiova, DTL Medical brought from the UK the SONABLATE 500 equipment  with s / n # 1057. This equipment is configured to the highest standard of equipment for the European Union:

TCM Software  var. 5.0 which allows color-coded visualization of the energies directed to the prostatic cells

Visualisation of actual HIFU treatment on a large HDMI monitor

Chiller with vacuum pump and dedicated filter for water degassing

What does this mean for our patients?

Higher quality of real-time control of focused ultrasound energy emission, shortening of preparation period of the equipment for  treatment, in other words a higher efficiency in favour of our patients.


Incidence of prostate cancer

Statistics show that the incidence of prostate cancer has grown in average 2,5 times more in the past 20 years worldwide. Hence, the mortalities related to this disease have grown proportionally The data obtained from the Medical Statistics Center of the Romanian Ministry of Health, indicate that the angle of incidence of prostate cancer grew progressively, reaching in 1996 the value of 14,8 cases at 1000 people, compared to 8,2 cases in 1982. In 1998 prostate cancer was on the 6th place when it comes to malignant diseases generally and on the 3rd place in masculine sex neoplasm , being preceded only by lung cancer and gastric cancer. Today prostate cancer is on second place The angle of incidence of prostate cancer increases exponentially with age, the peak of this incidence has been observed at between 50 and 80 years old. Lately the statistics show that this disease is diagnosed with an increasing incidence at younger men.

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HIFU is a high precision surgical non-invasive procedure that has important advantages in comparison to the classic treatment methods. The distruction of the tumoral tissue is done without exposing the pacient to radiation, there is no need to hospitalize the patient, the procedure is repeatable if need be and can also be used for recurrent tumoral prostate disease. Besides, the HIFU treatment has less advers effects than the traditional procedures, also this procedure is done with a 2-4 hours timeframe and is done under general anaethesia.

The first presentation of this treatment type in Romania was done on the 18th and 19th July 2009 at Centrul Medical Irina in Craiova. The proctoring session was sustained by Dr. Manu Nair (Heartlands Hospital Birmingham, UK) and Mr. Victor Griffin, European Chief Clinical Aplication Specialist (UKHIFU).

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