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Newest software now also in the Balkans!

DTL Medical continues working on improving conditions for its patients with localized prostate cancer. With logistical support from the PRIMA MEDICAL Center for Imaging in Craiova, DTL Medical brought from the UK the SONABLATE 500 equipment  with s / n # 1057. This equipment is configured to the highest standard of equipment for the European Union:

TCM Software  var. 5.0 which allows color-coded visualization of the energies directed to the prostatic cells

Visualisation of actual HIFU treatment on a large HDMI monitor

Chiller with vacuum pump and dedicated filter for water degassing

What does this mean for our patients?

Higher quality of real-time control of focused ultrasound energy emission, shortening of preparation period of the equipment for  treatment, in other words a higher efficiency in favour of our patients.