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Factors relating to the cancer

There should be histological evidence of adenocarcinoma of the prostate.
Histological grade described as Gleason sum = 7
PSA = 15
No consensus was achieved on setting limits on tumour burden (number of cores positive) or estimated size of tumour (maximum cancer core length)

Factors relating to the prostate

Volume = 40cc as measured by transrectal ultrasound.
Maximum distance from rectal wall to anterior margin of the prostate at the widest point = 4cm 
Absence of confluent calcification of > 1cm3. 
Absence of cysts > 1cm3.


Factors related to coupling (contact of water balloon with rectal mucosa)

Absence of previous ano-rectal surgery, (excluding haemorrhoidectomy).
Absence of active inflammatory bowel disease in anorectal region
Absence of active ano-rectal sepsis
Absence of latex allergy

Factors relating to the patient

Patient should be fit for general anaesthesia
Status of exogenous androgen suppression prior to therapy should be recorded .

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DTL abroad

DTL Medical offers physicians also the possibility to witness proctoring sessions in the most important state and private urology clinics in Bulgaria.

Procedures are done by highly regarded specialists like dr. Valeri Mariyanovski (Institut N.I. Pirogov Sofia), dr. Yavor Semerdhziev and dr. Marin Gheorghiev from MBAL Doverie (Sofia), as well dr. doc. Alexander Hinev, of the prestigious Sf. Marina hospital in Varna. HIFU treatments are done also in 5 star private health clinics like  the Sofia Hill Clinic (dr. Botsevski) and the prestigious MEDICUS ALPHA Clinic in Plovdiv (dr. Starev Rangel)

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