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HIFU is a high precision surgical non-invasive procedure that has important advantages in comparison to the classic treatment methods. The distruction of the tumoral tissue is done without exposing the pacient to radiation, there is no need to hospitalize the patient, the procedure is repeatable if need be and can also be used for recurrent tumoral prostate disease. Besides, the HIFU treatment has less advers effects than the traditional procedures, also this procedure is done with a 2-4 hours timeframe and is done under general anaethesia.

The first presentation of this treatment type in Romania was done on the 18th and 19th July 2009 at Centrul Medical Irina in Craiova. The proctoring session was sustained by Dr. Manu Nair (Heartlands Hospital Birmingham, UK) and Mr. Victor Griffin, European Chief Clinical Aplication Specialist (UKHIFU).

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