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Principles of HIFU

Subsequent to the insertion of the transrectal HIFU probe, the latter transmits a cone of high-frequency ultrasound.

Pulsed energy is concentrated in a small focal point, which leads to temperatures exceeding 90 degrees Celsius and, consequently, to a very well defined tissue destruction.

Temperature drops significantly beyond the point of focus, thus limiting cell destruction to a well-defined lesion
area. Whole prostate ablation is achieved by creating several adjacent HIFU lesions until the entire 3D volume of the prostate was covered, except the rectal wall and glandular capsule.

Treatment volume is predefined in the planning phase and the surgeon can compare in real time throughout the whole procedure,  against the real volume planned.

The "visually directed HIFU", made with Sonablate ® 500 from USHIFU uses clean,
non-ionizing ,energy,  to significantly reduce collateral tissue damage that are normally associated with radiotherapy or radical prostatectomy.

Using HIFU technology side effects such as impotence and incontinence - common competing technologies - are significantly reduced and quality of life is much improved.

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HIFU - a therapy for localized prostate cancer

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